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Donate And Help Us To Serve The Underprivileged

We always ignore this ugly truth And do “Nothing” Now it’s high time we “Enrich a child’s life through Education”.

BVM has taken the task of improving the quality of education through its Learning Resource Center. Kelavani Mandal, Bodal is an organization which has always reached to the under-served. It has brought =a ray of hope to the community of poor parents, a slum area of Bodal and sorrounding villages.

BVM provides education & fun environment to the children by giving tutorial support, doing creative activities like drama, clay work in activity center and inculcating reading habit through library.

Reasons to Donate

There are many reasons to donate to the BVM!
Our mission is to provide supplemental funding and support for educational programs and projects in classroom innovation for the benefit of students.
Adding more innovation and creativity into our classrooms! 
Our funding helps teachers and staff be innovative in the classroom!  Creativity and innovation in the classroom helps encourage students to find an answer, solve problems and transfer skills to real life situations.  Many of our grants support project-based learning and design thinking.  Teachers find ways to unleash student creativity and involve students in their own learning.
You can direct your donation to a specific reason.
Your donations can be directed to a specific reason, you may choose.  One way is to support us by making donations.
When you donate for a cause, the funding comes through us and goes directly to that cause. And because we are a nonprofit organization, you are eligible to earn a tax deduction for the donation.

So don’t think more, say YES!

We are planning & You can SPONSOR for:

  • CC TV Cameras
  • High Speed internet connections
  • Digital Classroom development
  • Well Equipped Latest Library
  • Science Laboratory For Students R&D
  • Sports instruments
  • Construction and other related development
  • Redesigning and restructuring classrooms / Laboratory / Play Ground / Community Hall
  • and many others
  • Have less budget? Do These
    • Pay Fees for poors
    • Donate Books and stationary for poors
    • Sponsor educational tours to poors

I would like to support the children of BVM with my donation!! Kindly click here, fill the Contact Form and we will contact you.