BVM Bodal

Bodal Vidya Mandir, Bodal

! સા વિદ્યા યા વિમુક્તયે !

History of Bodal vidyamandir

Before the establishment of Shree Bodal Vidya Mandir, Bodal, the children of Bodal and Davol villages had been studying together in Shree D.R.Patel High School, Davol founded by Bodal-Davol Janpad Kelavani Mandal since 15th July 1959. Two K.M. distance from Bodal to Davol with no proper road! While going to Davol for education, the student had to suffer in extreme cold,burning heat and heavy rain throughout the year. In addition, the fear of anti-social elements in the middle of the way!
Meanwhile Pious Saint Shree Narsinhdasji Maharaj from Danta Ashram arrived in Bodal for religious activity: “SATSANG”. During this SATSANG this great saint inspired the village people to start a Secondary School in Bodal too. Happy and prosperous people of Bodal grabbed this chance. They took an oath:”We will impart education to our children in our own village” and started effort to fulfill this pledge. Honorable Shree Manibhai Khushalbhai and other leading persons of the village accepted this challenge of founding a school.

A big fund was required for the construction of a school building.The people of village,other institutions and the native of Bodal residing abroad donated generously for the construction of a school in the village. 21 December,1986 was the day when Bodal Kelavani Mandal was set up and started working for creating a school building and other government formalities regarding school. Shree Chimanbhai Ambalal Patel was selected as the president and Shree Dhulabhai Khushalbhai Patel as the vice-president of Bodal Kelavani Mandal. Shree Punambhai Somabhai Patel and Shree Ravjibhai Chaturbhai Patel were selected as the secretaries. Late Shree Jayantibhai Motibhai Patel, Late Kanubhai Dahyabhai Patel, Shree Ramanbhai Mathurbhai Patel, Shree Chimanbhai Vaghajibhai Patel, Shree Niranjanbhai Gokalbhai Patel, Shree Hasmukhbhai Ishwarbhai Patel and Shree Manubhai Dahyabhai Patel were made the member of managing committee.

After formation of Bodal Kelavani Mandal search for sufficient space for the construction of School campus started.Family of Devipujak and Raval communities were living in small colonies near Panchratna Kanya School.These families were shifted to other area of the village by
Bodal Kelavani Mandal convincing them for the need of their land. All left their land willingly for the noble cause of constructing a school.Moreover some member of Patel community also donated their land around these colonies.Everyone was filled with a kind of zest and enthusiasm.Vigorous young men of the village knocked down the raw houses of the colonies and cleaned the land.Unfortunately one young man,lost his life accidentally during the demolition of the colonies. His name was DipakbhaiChimanbhaiPatel.He sacrificed his life working for the noble cause.His sacrifice will be remembered forever by BodalKelavaniMandal.

In this way with firm determination, hard work, dedication and sacrifice people moved towards foundation of Shree Bodal VidyaMandir.

Program of “Foundation stone laying ceremony” for construction of Secondary School building held on 31st March 1988. One of the leading person of Bodal Dr.Prabhudas K. Patel laid the foundation stone performing “BhumiPoojan”.The government permission for std.8 was given in June 1988.Student started study in std.8 sitting in Panchratna Girls School till the completion of the school building.
Within one year,the school building was built completely.

Inauguration Ceremony was held on 6th July 1989. Along with the blessing of Swami Sachchidanand of Dantali Ashram,village leader Shree Mangalbhai Vaheribhai inaugurated the new school building.The student of std.8 and 9 started studying in this school.The dream of a Secondary School in Bodal was fulfilled with everyone‟s cooperation.

In the beginning of the school some village teachers had performed a leading role giving their voluntary services for teaching the student.They are: Shree Manubhai D. Patel,Rasikbhai Ambalal Patel,Prabhudal P Patel,Anilbhai Nathabhai Patel,Navinbhai Muljibhai Patel [Vahera],

Kokilaben Kamleshbhai and Rajubhai Clerk. How can we forget this noble teachers?
Then “Panchratna Prayer Hall‟ was constructed with the contribution of Smt.Lalitaben Manibhai Patel in 1995. “Panchratna Varigruh‟ was also build by Panchratna family in memory of Late. Shree Khushalbhai Zaverbhai.

The School family is very grateful to all those who co-operated right from the beginning till now.